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Alsolen 300


The perfect hybrid solar power plant for mini grids

Alsolen 300 offers a unique advantage by producing simultaneously:

  • Electricity
  • Desalinated Water
  • Cooling or ice
  • Heat

The combination of photovoltaic technology and thermal energy storage guarantees an optimal response to the need even after sunset.

If weather conditions are favorable, Alsolen 300 can integrate a third source of energy thanks to a highly efficient power control. Indeed, wind power added to photovoltaic and thermal storage represents an exceptional combination while minimizing the cost.

Alsolen 300 is adaptable in size, power and hours of storage fitting to the customers’ requirements especially in isolated areas.

ALSOLEN has developed a high-power and cost-effective thermal storage solution. With over 100 MWhth of solar energy storage, this solution fits the mini grid 24h load curve perfectly convenient.  

Alsolen 300 thermal storage is based on thermocline principle with rock-bed oil, thereby guarantying energy recovery at very high temperature. The storage tank is particularly designed with a mechanical strength that overcomes thermal constraints. The materials are locally sourced and local employment is highly encouraged.  


Construction and maintenance

Alsolen 300 promotes local employment through a mobile factory where the solar field is manufactured on site. Thanks to this industrial organization, logistics costs are minimized and carbon footprint considerably reduced.

Alsolen 300 boasts an easy and ecofriendly operation over a 25 years lifetime. For example, the mirrors cleaning is operated by a robot, hence saving water. 

Patented technologies

ALSOLEN has launched a thorough R&D campaign to guarantee best-in-class technology for its clients. Driven by a unique policy of constant innovation, ALSOLEN’s engineers, technicians and partners, have contributed to the registration of several patents among which:

  • A high temperature absorber on the solar plant receiver
  • A specific sensor to measure optical performance on the solar plant reflector
  • An internal configuration for a stable thermocline in thermal storage

This work has led to the construction of a prototype fully representative of the multi-thermal applications. Equipped with 4 hours heat storage system; this prototype is able to deliver simultaneously:

  • Electricity
  • Desalinated water through a multiple effect distillation (MED) 
  • Solar cooling (air cooling and ice) through an absorption chiller 
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