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Thermal Energy Storage that values waste heat

Thermal Energy Storage that values waste heat

The thermal battery for industry

The Thermal Energy Storage Erecov is, simple, ecofriendly and cost-effective. With the use of recycled materials, Erecov accompany you on your way to environmental excellence.

Erecov functions as a thermal battery which captures intermittent furnaces waste heat at temperatures starting from 200° to 600°C and reuse it upon request (power for dryers, oven restarting, preheating, ...). 

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ALSOLEN offers financing options adapted to the user, thereby showing flexibility and innovation:

  •  direct investment in Erecov solution 
  •  Energy Purchase Agreement at lower price than gas as of the first year

Erecov Thermal storage is a, reliable and flexible solution that increases your competitivity and contributes to make you become a key player in the energy transition.