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Absorption chiller that values waste heat

Absorption chiller that values waste heat

Heat4Cold, from ice to air conditioning

ALSOLEN develops a portfolio of absorption chillers under the brand name Heat4Cold. 

Heat4Cold is a refrigerating machine converting heat generated by industrial processes or solar thermal plants into cooling that can be used as air conditioning or ice. 

Heat4Cold is reversible and can operate as a heat pump according to customer’s needs.

Heat4Cold contributes to greenhouse gases reduction through: 

  • Above 65% savings on electricity consumption compared to classical chillers
  • Use of a zero GWP refrigerant fluid: ammonia* 

Applications are numerous:

  • Negative and positive industrial cold 
  • vapors cooling
  • Cold storage rooms
  • Urban cold Networks
  • Alimentary ice production
  • Air conditioning

ALSOLEN offers a flexible business model in order to contribute to the client’s investment strategy.

Heat4Cold is a robust and sustainable solution. It has the advantage of an easy maintenance of a 25 years lifetime.

* GWH: Global Warming Potential