ALSOLEN - heat solutions for life

Going beyond Electricity

Going beyond Electricity

ALSOLEN - heat solutions for life

Off grid areas

A solution for development

ALSOLEN’s concentrated solar thermal power plants particularly with ALSOLEN 300, are more especially designed for remote areas and decentralized grids.

Being able to deliver simultaneously heat, electricity, fresh air, and desalinated water makes ALSOLEN 300 a unique solution at a competitive cost for isolated areas.

The operating costs are low and the quantity of water required for mirrors cleaning has been reduced to the lowest level.

Construction is facilitated trough the mobile factory which is a great advantage for local employment.

ALSOLEN technologies are environmentally friendly.

Off grid areas - ALSOLEN


Where the steam is green and competitive

ALSOLEN’s products answer to the customers requirements:

  • Providing a competitive heat for industrial processess (air or steam);
  • Reducing their carbon foot print.
Industrials ALSOLEN

Power supply

Green power for the future

The large capacity power plant product ALSOLEN 450 has been designed to perform on the power supply market.

The innovative thermal energy storage system based on a “three stages design” does not required any molten salts. This enables ALSOLEN to be distinctive on this market.

Power supply ALSOLEN