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Hybrid solar plants and absorption chillers

Hybrid solar plants and absorption chillers - ALSOLEN

Hybrid solar plants and absorption chillers


Hybrid solar plant ideal for isolated areas 

Technical specification

ALSOLEN 300 concentrated solar thermal power plants are adaptable in size, power and hours of storage fitting to the customers’ requirements.

The assets of the photovoltaic technology used during the day combined to Thermal Energy Storage advantages that deliver electricity through an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and satisfy client’s needs.

ALSOLEN 300 can deliver simultaneously:

  • Electricity
  • Desalinated Water
  • Cold air or ice
  • Heat for industry


Construction and maintenance

ALSOLEN 300 has given priority to easiness during the construction phase. Due to an innovative mobile factory manufacturing and assembly processes of the solar field, logistics costs are minimized, local employment favored and carbon footprint seriously reduced.

ALSOLEN 300 is smoothly operated, boasts an extended lifespan and is ecofriendly. For example, the mirrors cleaning is operated by a robot that minimizes the use of water.

Patented technologies

ALSOLEN has launched a thorough R&D campaign to guarantee best-in-class technology for its clients. Driven by a unique policy of constant innovation the Technical specification, ALSOLEN’s engineers, technicians and their partners, have contributed to the registration of several patents among which:

  • Receiver: high temperature absorber
  • Reflector: a specific sensor to measure optical performance
  • Thermal Energy Storage: internal configuration for a stable thermocline


This work has led to the construction of a prototype fully representative of the multi-thermal applications. Equipped with a 4 hours’ heat storage system and able to deliver simultaneously:

  • Electricity
  • Desalinated water through a Multi Effect Distillation (MED)
  • Solar cooling (air cooling and ice) through an absorption chiller 
ALSOLEN 300 Concentrated solar thermal power plants


Hybrid solar plant with large capacity 

Technical specification

ALSOLEN 450 solar plant combine photovoltaic and thermal technologies assets. The thermal solar plant has major breakthroughs:

  • The Fresnel mirrors thermal solar field produces directly superheated steam at 450°C. 
  • A Thermal Energy Storage system
    • The thermal energy system is declined in three stages: High, medium and low temperature. This unique system allows to discharge the superheated steam at a constant temperature which improves the thermodynamic cycle’s performance. This storage concept does not use usual molten salts. 


ALSOLEN 450, producing directly superheated steam, is particularly adapted to the following applications: 

  • Transform the heat into electricity through a turbine
  •  Provide steam for industrials’ processes

The prototype of 1 MW is actually being tested.

ALSOLEN 450 Concentrated solar thermal power plants


From ice to air conditioning

ALSOLEN develops and commercializes a portfolio of absorption chillers under the brand name Heat4Cold. 

Heat4Cold is a refrigerating machine converting non-used heat generated by industrials’ processes or solar thermal plants into cold. 

The cold water generated by absorption chiller can be used through air conditioning and/or ice. 

Efficient with at least 60% savings in electricity consumption, Heat4Cold reduces by 80% the greenhouse gases’ emissions. 

With a zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), the refrigerant fluid used, ammonia, respects the environment requirements.