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A service based on technical expertise

A service based on technical expertise

Diagnose, size, build

With its technical experience acquired while developing its own products, ALSOLEN accompanies customers, technical offices, industrials, investors with a complete range of services: 

  • Energy diagnosis of thermal industrial processes 
  • Technoeconomic analysis of waste heat valorization 
  • Design and engineering of solar installations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical assistance to project implementation

Reference projects depicting our expertise: 

  • Fishing village for Office National des Pêches (Morocco) 
  • ALSOLEN 300 CEA Cadarache (France)
  • ALSOLEN 450 CEA Cadarache (France)
  • MULTICERAME (Morocco)
  • R&D Platform Ouarzazate (Morocco)
  • PICTOO incineration heat network (France)
  • VICAT Cement factory (France)
  • Groupe Chalvignac – wine equipment (France)
  • Mobile plant (Morocco)
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