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Innovation for competitiviness

Solar thermal power plants ALSOLEN

Innovation for competitiviness

Fresnel mirrors

The best technical compromise for cost efficiency

ALSOLEN has decided to develop its thermal solar field based upon the Fresnel mirrors principle. It provides numerous benefits, particularly for isolated areas such as:

  • Small size reflectors and less sensitive to the wind load factor
  • Reflectors placed on the ground, thereby reducing shade
  • Structures less bulky and more resistant 
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Local manufacturing principle with its mobile factory
Fresnel mirrors ALSOLEN

Thermal Energy Storage

ALSOLEN’s thermal energy storage the heart of our solutions

ALSOLEN considers that the energy produced must be available throughout the day, including during the night. To this end, the thermal storage developed by ALSOLEN for the ALSOLEN 300 is a direct rock-bed oil storage. It uses the principle of the thermocline, meaning that the oil front separating the one at high temperature from the one at low temperature is contained in a small volume, whatever the phase operation of storage or retrieval.

The energy stored is at the same temperature as the one coming out of the solar field. 

Whatever the technology, the Thermal Energy Storage solutions present many advantages:

  • Adaptable design to the number of hour’s storage required (several hours)
  • An extended lifetime (over 25 years)
  • Low pression operation (atmospheric tank)
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Low cost
  • Zero environmental risks

Thermal Energy Storage is used to overcome any momentary lack of sunlight and to ensure that consumer requirements can be met outside hours of daylight. The system is sized according to consumer profiles. Storage is essential to ensure access to energy at the times when demand is highest, and when its availability is lowest and therefore the most valuable.

Thermal Energy Storage ALSOLEN

Mobile factory

Local employment as a fundamental principle

ALSOLEN has developed an innovative mobile factory dedicated to the manufacturing processes of the Fresnel solar field.

Combining high technology and easy to operate equipments, the mobile factory is set up and produces near the solar power plant to implement.

These outstanding industrial organization gives 3 major advantages to ALSOLEN:

  • Minimized logistics costs 
  • Local employment favored
  • Drastically reduced carbon footprint 
Mobile factory ALSOLEN